Do you need help with your social media or seo ranking?

Do you need to move your business forward, but are struggling for time?

Do you need help with your  social media marketing, website design or SEO ranking?

Then maybe I can help. I provide digital marketing, social media, website design, SEO ranking and business support to busy sole traders, freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and charities across Fife, Tayside and Perth & Kinross.

You can outsource consuming social media or seo ranking tasks to me so that you have more time to focus on running your small business or organisation. 

Social media and a good SEO ranking is not about seeing a sudden huge increase in sales or visits to your website, but instead boils down to 2 main things.

Firstly you want people who have an interest in what you do/sell to become aware of your business at an almost constant level through consistent posting on a variety of social platforms, and by your visibility on Google. Therefore when they do suddenly need a new painting, holiday or music lesson, they remember you.

Secondly you want to show your personality through your posts and website so that you stand out from the other millions of businesses that can provide your customers with a similar thing. Customers do not buy on price alone, they buy on engagement with YOUR business.

Some clients want me to just set up their social media presence and then hand it over to them with some tips on how to maintain it, and others want me to maintain their social media for them at 2-3 hours per week or month, depending on their budget and what they want to achieve. Social media is not rocket science, but it can be time consuming with the recommended amount of posting somewhere around 1-2 Facebook posts a day, so if this is not your strength or something you are particularly interested in – why not hand it over to me!

I want to help you and your business to become more productive, and maybe even give you some of that elusive work - life balance back.

Together we can move your business forward. 

I am always happy to discuss for free, what you or your business may need, so contact me today.

Dehra Sweet



If I can take 2, 3, or even 5 hours of admin or social media management off you a week - what is that worth to you? What is that worth to your business, what income can you generate in that time?

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What Is a Digital Marketer or Social Media Manager?

A Digital Marketer or Social Media Manager is essentially a self employed member of your team that doesn't work in your office. Instead of having to take on the extra costs to your business of an employee to help you out, you instead employ me for a set number of hours, and pay me a flat rate. 

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