Social Media Marketing

Some clients want me to just set up their social media marketing presence and then hand it over to them with some tips on how to maintain it, and others want me to maintain their social media for them at 2-3 hours per week or month, depending on their budget and what they want to achieve.

Social media is not rocket science, but it can be time consuming with the recommended amount of posting somewhere around 1-2 Facebook posts a day, 1-3 Instagram posts a day, 2-5 Tweets a day, 5-10 Pinterest posts a day plus YouTube, and Google+ posts, added to engagement with other businesses profiles. It this is not your strength or something you are particularly interested in – why not hand it over to me!

  • Social media marketing audit of your business
  • Social media  marketing profile creation and set up
  • Social media marketing coaching
  • 1 day Social media review
  • Social media  ongoing account management (responses and engagement with community)
  • Content creation and scheduling for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn on an ongoing basis
  • Social media marketing results ROI analysis
  • Compiling and management of email marketing campaigns - MailChimp